none  Sonia Chapa #11509
I like working for Burger King because it is a fun place to work. My manager sets goals for us and I like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I reach my goals.
  Jeremy Shaw #11509
What I like about working at Burger King is the relationship
and friendship within the community and the day to day conversation with familiar faces and also the new faces you meet. I like the fact that there is an opportunity to advance and move up the ladder of success. I like the working environment and the people I work with.
  Veronica Marquez #11509
The reason I like working at Burger King is serving our customers and making fresh burgers and having it the customer’s way.
  Ana Hernandez #11509
I like working at Burger King because I have the best boss ever. We have fun during the day while pleasing the customers.
  Nicole Martinez #11509
I love working at Burger King because it is a second family to me. We come together to keep this place together working easily.
  Lilly Gomez #4667
Te doy gracias a la Compania Barnett y a Burger King por haberme abierto las puertas para poder desenvolverme dentro de ella, y me gusta trabajar en la compania porque otra vez trabajo he conocido diferentes formas de preparer alimentos y tambien conocer companeros de trabajo con diferentes caracteres pero con mucho deseo de trabajar.
  Tomasa Lopez #4667
Yo trabajo aqui porque Burger King es mi restaurante preferido. Trabajo aqui porque me llevo bien con las manejadores y me tartan bien y ademas la comida es muy saludable.

Barnett Management Company is a Burger King franchise operating more than 20 restaurants in Arizona (the vast majority of which are in the West Valley). The company has been in business since 1980, when Tom Barnett opened his first Burger King Restaurant.

We pride ourselves on serving guests hot, fresh food, quickly, and in a clean and friendly environment. We are always seeking exceptional people to help staff our restaurants and to grow their careers through our ongoing profitable growth.

A few reasons why
The People
The Career
The Benefits
The Tools for Success
Meet our Mangement team
team (The Barnett Management Team)

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